Have you ever been in a car accident without any registration of this event? Well, when it comes to the evidence, people usually can not prove their words of accusation and, therefore, could not have any compensation. Incident Pro App was invented to avoid such cases, so people can have all the confirmation they need. Like professional writers from writing services this app will document any incident with pictures, audio and dictate notes. The big advantage is the ability to get the reports from any device with a full range of details. Try now and see how easy the Incident Pro App is in use!

For our permanent users we would like to announce the great news! Besides our useful Incident Pro App we decided to create a whole online course on an Ojowo platform. There you will find more detailed information on incidents and accidents with different cases, rules and tips to avoid them, webinars with FAQ, and much more. The start of the course is planned for the end of September (you will find the updates on incidentproapp.net later). Make your skills more profound and prevent yourself from unwanted outcomes. First 20 registered people will get a nice bonus! Contact us to get more information.